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This list of additional resources is for people to access where there is a specific interest in OHC after stroke which they may like to follow up on.

Staff can utilise these resources and referral services as part of their OHC plan for their patients.

  1. Stroke Clinical Guidelines - British Society for Disability and Oral Health.
  2. Caring for Smiles programme [PDF 4.7 MB].
  3. National Stroke Clinical Guidelines 2012 (4th Edition) [PDF 3.4 MB].
  4. Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) - Management of patients with stroke: identification and management of dysphagia. A national clinical guideline [PDF 1.1 MB].
  5. Healthcare Improvement Scotland, best practice statement - Working with Dependent Older People to Achieve Good Oral Health.
  6. The Knowledge Network - Oral Health.

Access to Specialist Dental Services

Examples of referrals include; dental pain, lost dentures, ill- fitting dentures, oral health care needs, broken teeth.
Route of referral is largely by direct telephone call.

The referral services listed below may be accessed if a patient is not currently registered with a community dentist or the details of their community dentist are unavailable.


Stobhill Hospital Stroke Ward C:

Community Dental Service
Community Dentist: Mr D. McElroy, Telephone Number : 07785 348356
Community Dental Nurse: Allison, Telephone Number: 07917 651017

Royal Alexandra Hospital Stroke Ward 4

Dr M. Sweeney / Mr F. Anderson
The Dental Dept, The Royal Alexandra Hospital,
Corsebar Rd, Paisley PA2 9PN
Telephone number: 0141 887 9111

NHS Lanarkshire

Hairmyres Hospital Stroke Ward 13 and Wishaw General Hospital Stroke Ward 11

All inpatient referrals via telephone or letter are made to a central hub and processed from the hub to the most appropriate local clinic service or the Oral Health care Team for Lanarkshire based at Buchanan Centre.

The central hub is the first point of contact, details below:

Dental Office
Coathill Hospital,
Coatbridge ML5 4DN
Telephone Number: 01236 707 711

The Oral Health Care Team for Lanarkshire offer a free denture marking service to any in patient in NHS Lanarkshire.